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Collection: Dryland Flooring

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Train like a pro with the best dryland tiles in the US!

HockeyShot’s dryland flooring tiles make game time, anytime. Our hockey tiles are lightweight, flexible, and easy to install.

HockeyShot dryland tiles are sold individually in the US with no minimum order so you can customize your home hockey surface. Our tiles clip together easily and offer a real-ice feel for slick and smooth puck handling.

Complete with UV protection and waterproofing treatments, our dryland tiles are perfect for both indoor and outdoor use.

Make your own home-ice advantage; create a personal hockey floor and practice anytime with our dryland training tiles.


Never compete for ice time again. Create your own hockey floor with our dryland tiles in your basement or garage.

  • Practice on dryland
  • Weatherproof, waterproof & UV protected
  • For indoor & outdoor use
  • Use with any puck or stickhandling ball
  • Use on even & uneven surfaces
  • Sold individually with no minimum order
  • Strong enough to park your car on
  • Slick surface
  • Easy assembling & disassembling
  • Patent pending clipping system
  • Attach the tiles in any way
  • Made from heavy grade reinforced materials
  • Crevices on tiles allow for seamless water drainage


  • Do not use any wax or car wax on your tiles
  • Wash periodically with soap & water
  • If using hockey tape, wash the tape marks after each use
  • Store tiles indoors
  • When tiles are left outdoors, if they are not in use, make sure you cover them to prevent premature wear