HockeyShot is the largest online specialty retailer of hockey training equipment in the US and around the world. Our mission is to revolutionize the skills of aspiring and experienced players with fun, innovative, and accessible hockey products for training.

We make it easy to work on your dangles and boost your sniping skills on and off the ice. We offer a full suite of hockey training solutions in the US and are there at every stage of a player’s evolution.

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HockeyShot is your online source for premium hockey training equipment in the US. We have all the training aids you need to create your own home training centre. Take your skills to the next level in the comfort of your own space.

When you are invested in playing puck, you want to invest in training aids that can grow with you. At HockeyShot, we grow with you as you build your skills. We provide training equipment in the US for three tiers of hockey players; Edge, Extreme, & Elite.

We are committed to helping players, coaches, hockey schools, and associations achieve their goals and hone their skill set at an affordable price. Our large selection of training products are available at competitive prices — we offer a price match guarantee to ensure you are getting the best price for the best hockey products.

At HockeyShot, we are always looking to elevate our selection by bringing new training equipment to the market.


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HockeyShot’s products are a turnkey solution to hockey training as we offer a full suite of training aids for all positions. Whether you play forward, defense, goalie, coach, or “proud parent, “ we have the equipment for you.

Our selection has everything you need to create a complete ice hockey training set-up on or off the ice. Whether you are looking for pucks and balls for training or synthetic ice, we’ve got you covered. We make ice time, anytime.

Our available hockey products include:

Hockey Shooting Products Hockey Flooring Products
Passing Products Goaltending Training Aids
Stickhandling Products Skating Aids


Train. Dangle. Snipe. Celly.

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HockeyShot is proud to be backed by various leaders in the hockey community. We boast partnerships with both the Florida Panthers and the Montreal Canadiens. Our training products are used by more professional players and organizations than any other training aid company in the US.

Equipped with our high-quality hockey training aids, you can practice your wrist shot, snap shot, slap shot, backhand — whatever types of shots you need to nail that hat trick or dangle around the competition in your next game.