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All About Our Synthetic Ice Tiles

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So, looking more into our tiles? You’ve come to the right place. This short article will give you all of the details you need to get the most out of our Synthetic Ice Tiles! Start building your dream training space from the floor up. Let’s get into it!


HockeyShot’s Synthetic Ice Revolution Tiles create a totally customizable experience for your indoor or outdoor training space. Take home ice advantage to a whole new level.

The tiles are available in two colours; white and our new blue. The weather and UV-resistant colouring won’t fade or rub off onto goalie pads, and the self-lubricating material doesn’t require wax or liquid treatments. These tiles have a small, lightweight and flexible design meaning you can throw-down and pick-up your artificial ice surface anywhere!

The tiles are 18”x18” and come in two thicknesses; regular thickness which are 7/16” (11.1mm) thick and premium thickness which are ½” (12.6mm) thick. The regular tiles last 3-5 years, while premium tiles last 5-7 years. This number varies based on amount of use, level of player and overall maintenance of tiles.

The tiles clip together through a patented, symmetrical clipping system that can be easily assembled in minutes and minimizes the effect of seems even when the ground is not perfectly even! Once clipped together, you’ll notice the surface of these tiles has one of the best coefficient levels of friction on the market – 10-15% greater than frozen ice means it’s perfect for resistance training! These ultra-performance & durable tiles are sold individually with no minimum order for easy customization.


For keeping the tiles in their best shape, we do have a few recommendations.

After using the tiles for a few training sessions, you’ll start to notice there can be some “shavings” of the synthetic ice laying on the surface. It’s good to sweep or vacuum those after every training session to ensure a smooth and clean surface for your next go!

These tiles do contain a self-lubricating agent which makes them usable in all conditions! There’s no need for wax or add-on liquids, however we do offer our Extreme Glide Polish to help get you the ultimate puck slide during your practices.

Before applying our Polish, it’s very important to have a clean surface to skate on. Cleaning the tiles is crucial for glide and longevity of the tiles. For situations like this, it’s good to give your tiles a nice deep cleaning every once in a while, to ensure maximum glide for both you and the puck when training. We recommend our all-new Eco-Friendly Tile Soap. Made from naturally derived and plant-based ingredients, this soap is not only safe for all of your HockeyShot surfaces, but it’s also safe for the environment, we call that a win-win. Apply the soap onto your tiles, let sit for 5 minutes and wash off using a wet mop. Ah, clean tiles – love to see it!


These tiles are great on their own, but we do offer other products that can be used with them! Our Puck Stopper Edging attaches to the clipping system and enhances the experience and keeps the puck in play on your surface during your training. Add our Edge Rebounding Foam onto the Puck Stopper edging to create a built-in passing buddy right in your training zone.

If you want to be able to seamlessly take pucks on and off your surface, then the Smooth Edging is the perfect tool to do so. Simply clip it onto the outside dovetail clipping system and you’ve created the perfect transition to get your pucks on and off of the surface. 

Our Edge Foam Tiles create a perfect finishing touch to any training space. Coming in at a size of 18”x18”, these tiles seamlessly connect with our All-Star Dryland Tiles and Synthetic Ice Revolution Tiles. Being water, sweat and odour resistant, these tiles are the ultimate addition to elevate your training space.

Get the most out of your training setup experience with HockeyShot’s Synthetic Ice Revolution Tiles! Get out there & get training!