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HockeyShot has partnered with the best coaches in the game to bring you a collection of free exclusive training programs. Designed to maximize your potential through strategically timed drills and exercises, each program delivers a new set of training material to your inbox every week. Sign up today and bring your game to the next level.

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Welcome to HockeyShot’s Hockey Training Academy, where we offer online hockey training programs and resources for players of all ages and skill levels.

Take your hockey skills to the next level with any of our training resources. We are on your team.


HockeyShot offers a full suite of hockey training programs and resources in the US to help you reach your full potential as a hockey player.

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Off-Season Training Nutrition
Skill Drills Mental & Emotional Training
Agility Drills Hockey Tips

Hockey Training Programs

Train like the pros when you train with HockeyShot’s hockey training programs in the US. Our programs are used by both beginners and professional athletes. Find the right program to suit your specific needs.

Off-Season Training

With our Off-Season Training Programs, you can use every moment off-ice to help you develop and maintain your skills. Train with any of our off-season training programs, and it’ll feel like you never left the rink.

Skill Drills

Develop and improve your hockey skills with any of our skill drills. We offer exercises for various skills to help make you a better hockey player — your competition won’t even know what’s coming. You can choose from any of our skating, shooting, passing, and stickhandling drills.

Agility Drills

Agility and hand-eye coordination are essential for all hockey players. With our agility drills, you can improve your reflexes to snipe the competition at your next game.

Product Drills

Our product drills are ideal for making the very most of our hockey training aids. Try out our product drills that we have designed specifically for use with our products; including targets, goals, danglers, defenders, stickhandling trainers, slide board, shooting pads, and our entire synthetic ice line-up.


Proper nutrition is a subject often ignored in the hockey community. We offer nutritional tips and resources to help players learn more about the role that diet plays in their success and overall health.

Mental & Emotional Training

Build your mental and emotional muscles to become the best player you can be. We offer mental and emotional hockey training resources to ensure that you are taking care of your physical and mental health, both on and off the ice.

Hockey Tips

Boost your Hockey IQ and improve your skills with our hockey tips. It helps to learn from the best, which is why our hockey tips come straight from industry professionals. With our hockey tips and tricks, you can gain all the knowledge you need about every subject you can shake a stick at.