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Maximize your practice time with HockeyShot’s state-of-the-art Passers.

We sell premium hockey passers in the US that will have you setting your teammates up for goals every single game. Our hockey passers are also an effective solution for coaches.

Improve any type of pass with our Passers and Puck Rebounders. Our industry-leading designs (durable and double-sided) allow you to use them solo or with a friend!

Train with HockeyShot’s hockey passers to develop unstoppable skills that your teammates will thank you for. Step up your passing with our hockey passing trainers today.


HockeyShot sells hockey passers in the US to help you practice your one-timers, backhand passes, saucer passes & more.

  • Practice passing
  • Receive puck fluidly and accurately for effective passing
  • Learn to set up your teammates for goals better
  • Effective for team coaching
  • Maximize on & off-ice training


Extreme Passers: HockeyShot’s Extreme Passers will help you quicken your wrists and pass and receive the puck more fluidly and accurately.

4 Way Hockey Passer: With a 4 Way Hockey Passer, up to four players can practice passing back and forth for effective gamesmanship.

Hockey Pass Rebounder: Our Edge Rebounding Foam is an effective hockey pass rebounder that can help you nail those perfect passes for one-timers and more.