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Shoot harder, move faster, and stay upright more often with a HockeyShot Balance Board. We are your online source for balance boards in the US.

Balance boards are an incredible tool that helps make stickhandling drills more challenging. Just a few minutes a day on a balance board can do wonders for you on the ice.

The best hockey players in the world will tell you that their hockey-specific skills pale in comparison to the commitment they make to their bodies. Core strength is essential, which is why we recommend all players own a hockey balance board.

Our Balance Boards are best used on a soft surface, like a carpet or a yoga mat, to reduce the risk of injury. We advise against using a balance board on top of our flooring tiles due to their slick ice-feel.

Improve your balance and general hockey training when you add a hockey balance board to your routine.


HockeyShot ships Balance Boards across the US to help you take your off-ice hockey training to the next level.

Balance boards can benefit your strength, training effort, and overall reaction time and agility.

  • Great starter level training aid
  • Integrate into any pre-game warm-up routine
  • Well suited to players of all skill levels
  • Lightweight
  • Can be stored easily
  • Improves balance & stability on the ice
  • Strengthens core & legs
  • Makes a great addition to any stickhandling training drills
  • Ideal for stickhandling training & general exercise


HockeyShot’s flooring tiles boast a real-ice feel that is great for practicing shooting, stickhandling, and other hockey skills.

DISCLAIMER: We strongly advise against using balance boards on our hockey tiles to prevent injury. Our flooring is designed to mimic the slickness of ice and is too slippery for this use.