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Collection: Stickhandling Accessories

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Take your HockeyShot training aids to the next level with our stickhandling accessories. We offer stickhandling accessories in the US to help you customize your training aids for a personalized training experience.

Our stickhandling accessories are well suited to players of all ages and skill levels looking to elevate their stickhandling training.

Find the HockeyShot stickhandling accessory that will take your game to the next level so that you can deke and dangle around the competition.


Our accessories make a great addition to any stickhandling aid:

  • Suitable for all ages and skill levels
  • Improve overall stickhandling skills to snipe the competition
  • Train on and off-ice
  • Indoor & outdoor use
  • Durable accessories elevate stickhandling aid experience
  • Customize your stickhandling training and develop drills based on your unique needs and skill level
  • Combinable with various HockeyShot stickhandling training aids


Dangle Puck: Use our dangle puck when you train with any of our stickhandling aids.

With our hockey danglers, you can practice your skills to dangle around the competition and increase your agility, puck control, and reaction time.

Stickhandling Balls: We carry stickhandling balls and Swedish wooden stickhandling balls to suit different players' varying needs.

Stickhandling Trainers: Use our durable stickhandling balls with our trainers. Our stickhandling trainers include danglers, defenders, and more.