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Take home-ice advantage to a whole new level with HockeyShot's Synthetic Ice Tiles. Our synthetic ice tiles are the closest you’ll get to real ice, off the ice.

Our synthetic ice is used by several professional teams, including both the Florida Panthers and Montreal Canadiens.

Bring a revolutionary skating experience to your home with HockeyShot’s skate-able synthetic ice tiles. Synthetic ice makes residential and commercial at-home skate training more practical, more affordable, and way more realistic for simulating game situations.

Best of all, our synthetic ice tiles are totally customizable for your indoor or outdoor space at home.

Make your off-ice time, on-ice time with our synthetic ice. Build your synthetic ice rink today.


With HockeyShot’s synthetic ice tiles, you can make any time, ice time.

Instead of competing for ice time, bring the ice to you.

  • Simulate game situations
  • Suited to all skill levels and positions
  • Sold individually with no minimum order
  • Small, lightweight & flexible
  • Tiles clip together for easy installation
  • Coefficient friction levels 10-15% higher than real ice
  • Simulate real ice-feel for practicing stickhandling, dangling, passing & more


  • To clean, sweep or vacuum first
  • Then, mop with a damp mop using a pH neutral soap. This will remove markings & dirt from the surface.
  • Easy to maintain & requires little maintenance
  • No need to add wax or add-on liquids; has a self-lubricating agent