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Collection: Synthetic Ice

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Make any time, ice time with HockeyShot’s synthetic ice tiles. Our synthetic ice is perfect for players with limited access to an ice rink.

With synthetic ice from HockeyShot, you can assemble your surface in minutes — and don't forget the edge pieces which make loading pucks and balls easier.

We offer both Extreme Glide Synthetic Ice and Synthetic Ice Revolution Tiles in the US to suit your varying home ice rink needs. Hockey players with all levels of experience use our synthetic ice tiles for shooting, passing, and skate training.

While our Extreme Glide Synthetic Ice is the most realistic and durable synthetic ice you can get, our Synthetic Ice Revolution tiles are a similar but more cost-effective, portable, and easy-to-install option.

Take home-ice advantage to a new level. Bring the ice home with you when you invest in either of our synthetic ice training products in the US.


Train like the pros with our synthetic ice that’s used by several professional teams and organizations in the US. Find out why ours is the #1 best selling synthetic ice on the market.

  • Patented symmetrical tiles
  • Tiles clip together for easy installation & removal
  • Slick real-ice feel
  • Best coefficient levels of friction (10-15% better than real ice)
  • Ideal for resistance training
  • Can be used with Puck Stopper Edging Containment System or Smooth Edging for easy puck loading.
  • Customizable for indoor & outdoor spaces
  • Used by the pros
  • At-home convenience
  • Less costly than real ice
  • Won't damage skates


  • Low maintenance
  • Does not require wax or cleaning liquids