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Extreme Dryland Stickhandling Puck Review

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Do you need to work on all of your skills off ice? Stick handling? Passing? Shooting? There are a lot of options as to what to use.

Regular hockey pucks are too heavy and don’t move the same when used off ice as on an ice surface. This is due to the difference in friction encountered when used for dryland training on non-ice surfaces. Most dryland pucks and balls are lightweight and not necessarily the same size as a puck, but do help with refining stickhandling skills. But what if you want to work on various skills at the same time?

This video introduces the Extreme Dryland Puck as an alternative when using surfaces such as floor tiles, shooting mats or even synthetic ice. The video explains the details about the design of the Extreme Dryland Puck and provides some comparisons with the FlyPuck and Green Biscuit which are typically made of hard plastic.

Product Details

The Extreme Dryland Puck is made of hard rubber and is the same size as a regulation puck. However, to reduce the amount of friction with a non-ice surface it is one ounce less in weight than a normal puck and fitted with 12 plastic nubs or gliders on both sides. This reduces the surface area that comes into contact with the playing surface and makes this dryland puck slide much better than other similar pucks. Another great detail is the puck is basically the same size as a regulation puck and the edge is similar to a real puck so that the feel on your stick is the same as well. This allows for a more realistic feel to passing, shooting and stickhandling.

See the puck in action

The video ends with several minutes of demonstrating all the ways in which you can use the Extreme Dryland Puck to improve your stickhandling, passing, and shooting skills especially when used in combination with these other great HockeyShot products:

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HockeyShot Extreme Dryland Puck

HockeyShot’s Extreme Dryland Puck has 12 gliders on its bottom side for more speed on shooting pads, flooring tiles and other smooth surfaces. It’s the same size as a regulation puck, and is even ridged on the side for a real-puck feeling on your stick.

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Extreme Dangler

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