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Extreme Stickhandling Ball Review

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Looking to fine tune your stickhandling skills? Do you need to be able to work on stickhandling anywhere? Both indoors and outdoors? Then you should get the HockeyShot Extreme Stickhandling Ball to add to your training equipment.

Why do you need stickhandling balls in the first place you might ask? Well primarily these training aids can be used just about anywhere on any type of surface where a regular puck will be difficult to handle due to friction on non-ice surfaces. And even roller hockey balls and off ice pucks are difficult to control on surfaces that are not smooth. The HockeyShot Extreme Stickhandling Ball doesn’t require a smooth surface and can be used even where there are cracks or uneven surfaces.

Refining puck control

Balls tend to be more difficult to control than a puck which helps with building skills. Balls roll while pucks normally do not. Although most training balls are constructed to minimize friction and glide. The balls also tend to be smaller than a standard puck requiring more control and concentration. Balls are lighter than a puck to try to help with combating friction of the various type of surfaces they are used with as well. The HockeyShot Extreme Stickhandling Ball is about 2 inches in diameter and 4 ounces (regular puck is 6 ounces).

Working with a ball will help you improve your ability to control a puck on the ice because controlling a rolling ball is much more difficult than a puck. Working on these skills off-ice will make working with a puck on ice seem much easier in comparison.

Product comparison

The HockeyShot Extreme Stickhandling Ball is compared with the Smart Hockey Ball (another fine product) in this video to draw out some of the differences:

  • Size difference - smaller than the Smart ball and more difficult to control
  • Materials differ - smoother surface on the ball - less friction
  • Harder nylon material - slides better (less friction means closer to a puck)
  • Much less bounce than many types of balls

All of these factors contribute towards an experience whereby you can build faster stickhandling skills with better control.

The video shows the HockeyShot Extreme Stickhandling Ball in action by adults and children using:

The HockeyShot Stickhandling Ball is not just for use at home. Keep a few in your hockey bag to take to the rink so you can work on stickhandling as an off-ice warm up routine before practices or games or even between games at a tournament. You can work with it just about anywhere even on rubberized surfaces inside the rink or on outdoor surfaces such as a parking lot or sidewalk.

HockeyShot Extreme Stickhandling Ball

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