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HockeyShot Dryland All-Star Tiles Product Spotlight

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Looking for the right flooring that you can practice your stickhandling drills on? Looks like you’ve found the right place! The All-Star Dryland Tiles are the ideal surface for simulating ice to help players improve their stickhandling, passing and shooting drills. Whether you want to work on your dangles, snipers, or saucers, the All-Star Dryland Tiles are the perfect addition for any training space.

Each tile measures 18 inches by 18 inches, making it bigger than most tiles on the market. With the size of the tiles, this creates less seams and less connections when assembling. With our patented, symmetrical clipping system, the All-Star Dryland Tiles are very easy to install and can be installed with any sides attaching to one another. The tiles are extremely durable and the connections are designed so that the tiles will work on top of uneven surfaces, perfect for the garage or basement.

With our special edges, they are designed in a way that allows the tiles to expand and retract at the same rate through various weather conditions. All-Star Dryland tiles are UV protected and weather-resistant treated to withstand outdoor cold and heat. This allows you to leave them outside or wherever your training space is, and not have to assemble and disassemble them every time you want to train. As they are proudly made in Canada, they have been suited to various types of weather.

When purchasing, the tiles are sold individually, allowing for easy customization of training spaces. This is perfect as it gives you the option to expand your training space over time. This is ideal for creating a training space for a young child. As the young player grows – so can their training space! Just expand the surface by adding more All-Star Dryland tiles. With this customization ability, you can make your training surface as large as you want.

Our All-Star Dryland Tiles have the best glide in the industry. This is perfect for practicing stickhandling, shooting and passing as it creates a very similar feel to when you’re practicing on the ice.

Key Features:
  • 18” X 18” tiles sold individually for easy customization
  • Unique formula offers the slickest and smoothest puck-handling experience ever
  • UV protection and weather-resistant treatment to withstand outdoor cold and heat
  • Patented, symmetrical clipping system for quick assembly and easy removal
  • Lightweight & flexible, yet strong enough to park vehicles on them

  • Whether you want to work on improving your skills, or are just playing for fun, All-Star Dryland Tiles are the perfect addition for any training space. Check out our other awesome products that are designed specifically to fit with our tiles! Improve your stickhandling, passing, shooting and all-around hockey game with our All-Star Dryland Tiles and get training!

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