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HockeyShot Edge Rebounding Foam Product Spotlight

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No passing buddy? No problem. The HockeyShot Edge Rebounding Foam is a great addition to any training space. Get the ultimate rebounding experience with the Edge Rebounding Foam. Whichever angle the puck hits this rebounder, it’ll pass back in the same direction.

The Edge Rebounding Foam is not only the most affordable rebounding system on the market, but also extremely durable, allowing it to keep up with over thousands of your strong passes. Perfect for hockey players of any level, the Edge Rebounding Foam allows you to improve your passing game as well as being the perfect passing buddy to set yourself up for one timers. Improve your pass strength, give and go’s and pass reception all in one product.

Designed to adhere onto any vertical surface, the Edge Rebounding Foam has been specifically designed to fit the dimensions of the HockeyShot Puck Stopper Edging. The dimensions of the Edge Rebounding Foam and our Puck Stopper Edging are 18 inches, perfectly aligning with our tiles. For installation, first the Puck Stopper Edging must be attached to the tile. Then grab the Edge Rebounding Foam, remove the adhesive protective backing and align it with the Puck Stopper Edging.

The Edge Rebounding Foam can be adhered to any vertical surface allowing versatility with training spaces. It is recommended that the Edge Rebounding Foam should be used for indoor uses, as it should be kept out of prolonged heat/sun, wetness and cold exposure, to ensure the durability and effectivity of the product.

Turn any wall, boards, or HockeyShot Puck Stopper Edging into a rebounder. This durable specially engineered foam is designed stick to any edging to turn it into the ultimate passing rebounder.

The Edge Rebounding Foam offers a wide array of possible passing drills to enhance the strength and reciprocity of passing skills. Some of the product features include:

  • Strong bonding & long-lasting adhesive strip
  • Can be adhered to any vertical surface
  • Durable high-density foam
  • Measures 18” aligning with our Puck Stopper Edging

  • Through these features and more, the Edge Rebounding Foam allows any hockey player to improve multiple passing skills. The Edge Rebounding Foam offers an affordable price-point, without sacrificing the quality that our HockeyShot products are known for. Every and any hockey player wanting to improve their passing and receiving skills will majorly benefit from this product. Have your own passing partner to help set you up for one-timers and work on your clappers! The HockeyShot Edge Rebounding Foam is the perfect addition to any training space!

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