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HockeyShot Premium Home Training Center Product Spotlight

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Want to bring the rink home with you? With HockeyShot’s Premium Home Training Center, you pretty much can!

Easily build your Premium Home Training Center indoors or outdoors with some of HockeyShot's best sellers in one affordable package. Maximize your training and improve your skills by having all the equipment you need, right at home in your own space.

The Premium Home Training Center includes:
  • All-Star Dryland Flooring Tiles (4 sizes available; 12 tiles (27 sq. ft.), 20 tiles (45 sq. ft.), 36 tiles (81 sq. ft.), 64 tiles (144 sq. ft.))
  • (1) Reactive Sniper
  • (1) Speed Deke
  • (1) Extreme Defender
  • (4) Puck Stopper Edging
  • (4) Edge Rebounding Foam
  • (2) Smooth Edging
  • (1) Dangle Puck 2.0
  • (1) Extreme Dryland Puck
  • (1) Extreme Stickhandling Ball

  • The flooring included in this kit is our All-Star Dryland Flooring Tiles which simulate the feel of on-ice stickhandling and shooting. These tiles are a fan-favourite, featuring an improved formula and finish that offers our slickest and smoothest puck-handling experience ever!

    To enhance the experience with the tiles, the HockeyShot Puck Stopper Edging and the HockeyShot Smooth Edging are included. Designed to keep your pucks in your space, the Puck Stopper Edging is also great for avoiding scuff marks on the walls. The Smooth Edging makes it easier to bring your fly away pucks back onto the training surface. Attach these two edging options to the All-Star Dryland Flooring Tiles for a finished look that also helps to maximize your training time.

    Additionally, the Edge Rebounding Foam is included and designed to adhere to the Puck Stopper Edging or any vertical surface. This creates a rebounder which will help with passing drills and set-up one-timers. The Edge Rebounding Foam is not only the most affordable rebounding system on the market, but it's extremely durability will hold up to thousands of strong passes. This allows you to improve your pass strength, give and go’s, and pass reception, plus focus on forehand and backhanded passes - all with one product.

    Other training aids included are the Reactive Sniper, Speed Deke, and Extreme Defender. The Reactive Sniper helps players improve their response time along with developing cognitive abilities. By using the 4-colour options, 5 directional arrows, and 5 interval speeds, it improves stickhandling, shooting and passing to get the most out of your training. The Speed Deke is the perfect tool to help stickhandling and dangles. It comes with three 16” shafts that can be used to dangle under throughout your drills, along with four rounded bases. These shafts come adjustable to two heights to work on different techniques; the higher height (2-3/4”) lets you stick handle a ball or puck under, whereas the lower height (1-5/8”) makes you focus more on stickhandling the puck flat along the ice without flipping it. The Extreme Defender is a great training buddy to help strengthen your stickhandling around a defender, passing through a defender, or even shooting past a defender. These training products will help bring any hockey players' stickhandling, shooting and passing skills to the next level.

    Also included are the Extreme Dryland Puck and the Dangle Puck 2.0. The Extreme Dryland Puck is the same size as a traditional hockey puck. Along with a textured edging, the 12 gliders on both slides allow for enhanced speed on shooting pads, All-Star Dryland Flooring Tiles, Synthetic Ice Revolution Tiles and other surfaces. Designed to be the best gliding puck on a flat surface, the Dangle Puck 2.0 imitates the sensation of a traditional puck on ice. The puck contains a double stainless-steel ball bearing located on both sides of the puck, allowing you to stickhandle smoothly, as if you were on real ice. Along with these two pucks, the Extreme Stickhandling Ball is included in this kit. The Extreme Stickhandling Ball lets players work on their stickhandling technique, speed up their wrists, and work on some nifty moves. Weighing in at a little bit lighter than a traditional hockey puck (4.1oz vs. 6oz), the Extreme Stickhandling Ball has a 2-inch diameter, fitting perfectly on the blade of a stick.

    Key features of the Premium Home Training Center:
  • Includes all the products and room you need to work on your skills at home.
  • UV protection and weather resistant treatment to withstand outdoor heat and cold.
  • Lightweight flexible design of the tiles better accommodates uneven terrain while remaining strong enough to park vehicles on them.
  • Additional tiles can be ordered to expand your training square footage in the future

  • This is a complete starter kit to help get the core training products all in one package. All of the products found in this kit are extremely durable and will hold up for a long lifespan. You can build upon these kits by adding more training accessories to create various drills to help develop new skills.

    Visit the Premium Home Training Center page to learn more.