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HockeyShot Product Review: Performance Passing Kit

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Looking for a complete kit that allows you to customize practicing your passing, shooting and stickhandling skills all at once? The all-new Performance Passing Kit from HockeyShot is here.

This kit helps hockey players with every aspect of their handling, while making it customizable to individuals’ specific needs with various sizes suited to the degree you want to practice.

Choose from Junior, Intermediate and Pro sizes to match your skill level. Plus, with each kit you’ll land yourself the All-Star Dryland Flooring Tiles, with a different number of tiles depending on the type of kit. Get 10 tiles with the Junior Kit, 15 tiles with the Intermediate Kit and 18 tiles with the Pro Kit. Every Performance Passing Kit also includes 4 HockeyShot Puck Stoppers and 4 HockeyShot Edge Rebounding Foam pieces. Depending on the configuration purchased, you can be creative with how the tiles are set up.

The Junior Kit is great for working on basic passing or shooting including setting up a net, catching a pass from a foam rebounder and getting those shots off. The Intermediate Kit gives you a little more space to add more motion to your drills and more room to set up the stoppers and rebounders wherever is best. The Pro Kit allows multiple variations of the tile placement and edging to work on passing, shooting and stickhandling all at once. Be creative with the design of your tiles! The Edge Rebounding Foam allows for 72 inches of passing slot area and can be adhered to the Puck Stopper Edging or any vertical surface. With any of these kits, it’s awesome how you can switch up the tiles based on different techniques you want to practice.

If you go with any of the Performance Passing Kits, you’re ending up with one of the most affordable rebounding systems on the market! By having three different configurations to choose from you are able to create multiple customized drills to practice those one-times, reaction time and more! With the symmetrical tile design and clipping system, the Performance Passing Kit can be easily assembled and removed for your own customization within minutes!

The Performance Passing Kit is an ultimate game changer. The easy set-up allows you to waste no time and to start working on those hands right away to help you become a great team player.