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HockeyShot Smooth Edging Product Spotlight

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The HockeyShot Smooth Edging is the perfect addition to your tile training setup. Designed to fit with our All-Star Dryland Flooring Tiles and our (Premium and Regular) Synthetic Ice Revolution tiles, this edging makes it easier to bring your fly away pucks back onto your training surface. Valuable time is wasted fetching the loose pucks, so use the Smooth Edging to scoop ‘em back up to your surface to get back to your shooting, passing and/or stickhandling drills!

The Smooth Edging helps hockey players save time during their training sessions. To install, simply place the tiles down, then click in the edging from the top to secure them in place. This gives the effect of a sleek finished look to your training space. The edging measures at 4” by 18.5”, fitting perfectly with our tiles. Our Smooth Edging has the same symmetrical “puzzle-piece” connections as our tiles, allowing them to expand and retract simultaneously, with various weather conditions.

The durable materials that make up the Smooth Edging are made in Canada, ensuring proper protection against all weathers. The Smooth Edging can hold up in rain, sun, or snow, leaving it with no damage. Don’t let the weather stop you from training! Whether it’s a hot summer’s day or in the depths of the degrees, you can still practice your stickhandling skills, while being able to slide the pucks back onto your surface, wasting little time.

The Smooth Edging is perfect for any hockey player, as it has many features such as:

  • Durability allows it to withstand outdoor weather conditions
  • Allows for easy puck loading
  • Each piece measures at 4” by 18.5”
  • Increases training efficiency 

The HockeyShot Smooth Edging is the perfect addition to any training space. Not only does it finish off the borders of your surface and create a sleek design, it also functions as a time-saver during your training sessions. When practicing stickhandling, passing or shooting, you don’t want to waste time retrieving pucks that wander off. The HockeyShot Smooth Edging strives to maximize your training time, to help improve your game.

Visit the Smooth Edging page to learn more.