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HockeyShot Stick Weight Review

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The HockeyShot stick weight is the newest stick weight available on the market. We have previously reviewed the Complete Shot and the Lamplighter stick weight.

Now it is time to see how the new HockeyShot stick weight compares to the competition.

Price: The HockeyShot stick weight currently sells for $10.95 (USD) which is much more affordable than the Complete Shot at $24.95 and the Lamplighter at $39.95.

Quality: The HockeyShot weight appears to be good enough quality to use for quite some time before it breaks. The nature of the stick weight doesn’t really require it to be ultra-high quality as it just sits on the shaft of the stick. I think the Complete Shot uses thicker material, however the HockeyShot weight wins me over in other areas (I’ll get to that after the video).

Weight: The HockeyShot weight is 5.1 ounces and you can not add or subtract any weight (unless you put two or more on at once). The Complete Shot is much heavier with four 4 ounce bars totaling 16 ounces.

Overall Thoughts

Out of all the stick weights I have tried I like this one the most. It doesn’t add too much weight to the stick which is nice, it’s nice and slim and hugs the stick nicely so you don’t notice any movement or bulkiness. Also because it’s lighter you can easily add another one to another location on the stick which will even out the balance of the stick while still adding more weight.

I also like how the weights are sown in and everything is tight, that means nothing is moving around or flying off when you shoot.

One of the best features of this stick weight is the price, it currently sells for $10.95.

HockeyShot Stick Weight

The fastest way to build up your shooting and stickhandling muscles is by using a heavier stick in practice. Instead of shelling out for new lumber, pick up HockeyShot’s Stick Weight. Its simple wrap design fits snugly around your stick, and the heavy-duty Velcro ensures that it doesn’t move.

Visit the HockeyShot Stick Weight page