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HockeyShot Synthetic Ice Review by Jeremy Weiss

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One of the biggest challenges in hockey training is ice time. There's never enough of it. Ask any hockey player what they want most of all, and the answer will usually be "More ice time!"

Apart from the various hockey teams using the same ice rink needing training time, there are other demands on the available ice time which come from figure skating groups, and public skating times, not to mention those few months in the summer when the ice rink is closed completely.

The summer rink closure is followed by a few weeks of retraining out of condition muscles and rusty skills caused by no practice. Imagine if you had a way of being able to increase the amount of ice time your team had during the usual hockey season. Imagine if you were able to have on-ice practice during the time the ice rink was closed for the summer season. Imagine how much that additional time would make to your team's ability to win matches due to more skills training. With HockeyShot's Extreme Glide Synthetic Ice, year round ice training is no longer a dream to be imagined, this can be your reality!

Best Synthetic Ice on the Market

20 years of manufacturing expertise has gone into the creation of HockeyShot's Extreme Glide Synthetic Ice. It's not like the other synthetic ice solutions that require wax or liquids to maintain them. The Extreme Glide Ice has a unique blend of materials that make it easy to keep in top condition. It's even easy to install, requiring no special tools. All you need is someone to help you, and a mallet. That's it. Plus with the option of having the Extreme Glide's Synthetic Ice custom made for the space you have available, you can put it where you want it. Even in the basement! Imagine now the potential for year round training!

Simulates the Real Feel of Ice

The surface of the Extreme Glide Synthetic Ice is so good that you will believe you're skating across actual ice. You can set up drills that will allow your team to build on their hockey skills whether it's shot on the goal, turning, puck handling, skating backwards, and even acceleration and stopping. Imagine, a hockey stop on synthetic ice!

Whether you are coaching a team of pro hockey players, a Pee Wee league team, or you are a parent of a hockey obsessed youngster, this product, only available from HockeyShot is something that is going to give you a huge edge over the other teams. It's going to give your players access to on-ice training all the year around. They will begin the season in great condition, with all of their hockey skills as sharp – if not sharper – than they were at the end of the last season.

If your team is suffering because of lack of ice time, don't simply accept the situation. Instead think about a location you could use as a training centre, and get a quote to cover it in HockeyShot's competitively priced Extreme Glide synthetic ice! It could be the best play you ever make!

Extreme Glide Synthetic Ice Panels

Take home-ice advantage to a whole new level with HockeyShot's Extreme Glide Synthetic Ice Panels, the closest surface to real ice on the market.

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