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HockeyShot Synthetic Ice Revolution Tiles Product Spotlight

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Want to practice on-ice skills, but don't want the maintenance of a real rink? HockeyShot Synthetic Ice Revolution Tiles are the ultimate skating experience for either indoor or outdoor training spaces.

Beneficial for all hockey players and goalies looking to take their home training to the next level, these tiles create the perfect surface for simulating a real-ice feeling while you improve your stickhandling, passing and shooting.

Each Synthetic Ice Revolution Tile measures 18 inches by 18 inches, making it bigger than most synthetic ice tiles on the market, as well as the most affordable. Tiles this size create less seams and connections when assembling. Once the tiles are attached, the seams are unnoticeable when skating over them. With our patented, symmetrical clipping system, the Synthetic Ice Revolution Tiles are very easy to install and disassemble in minutes! Our connections are also designed so that the tiles work on top of uneven surfaces, perfect for the garage or basement, plus extreme durability means they can even withstand being placed under parked vehicles.

These tiles come in two thicknesses; our Regular Synthetic Ice Revolution Tiles are 7/16” thick, and our Premium Synthetic Ice Revolution Tiles are 7.5/16” thick. Performance wise, there isn't any difference between tile thickness, however Premium Revolution Tiles have a longer life cycle (about 5-7 years) compared to the Regular Revolution Tiles (around 3-5 years).

HockeyShot Synthetic Ice Revolution Tiles are extremely low maintenance, allowing you to focus on your training and not the tiles. They have a coat of self-lubricant which maintains the slick ice feeling, meaning there is no need for wax or other additives. Synthetic ice works just as regular ice does. When skates dig in, little shavings come off. This is why it’s important to sweep or vacuum your surface at the end of a training session to ensure ultimate performance and longevity. You can also pressure wash them if they get very dirty.

The Synthetic Ice Revolution Tiles are proudly made in Canada and are built to be used indoors or outdoors. Our special edges are designed in a way that allows the tiles to expand and retract at the same rate through various weather conditions. UV-protected and weather-resistant treated, these tiles are able to withstand cold and heat so they can be left outside or wherever your training space is.

The tiles are sold individually, allowing for easy customization of training spaces. This gives you the option to expand your space over time; as the player grows, so does the training surface!

There are several HockeyShot training products that are specifically designed to work with the Synthetic Ice Revolution Tiles to enhance training sessions. Customize your at-home rink and create the ultimate surface to practice year-round. If you want to live the dream, skate at home and practice all of your skills to become an elite hockey player, check out the HockeyShot Synthetic Ice Revolution Tiles today!

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