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Masters of Flip – Dave & Kortney Wilson


HockeyShot was recently featured on the W Network and Home Garden Television show, Masters of Flip! Husband-and-wife team, Dave and Kortney Wilson breathe new life into old and worn-down Nashville homes.

Every one-hour episode opens with Kortney and Dave house-hunting for properties that have seen better days and they decide to gamble on which one to flip to make the most profit. With limited time and even tighter budgets, these “Masters of Flip” take on the challenge of transforming each real estate disaster into an amazing family dream home.

masters of flip

Every episode goes on an exciting journey that takes you personally through the mess and stress of renovation, the magic of transformation and the anticipation of flipping the homes for tremendous profits. The rollercoaster of buying, renovating and staging each house all comes down to when they make that final sale because they must find out if their gamble is going to garner maximum profits on every challenge they take on.

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With the US housing market clearly on the rise, one place where that growth is more evident than anywhere else in America is in the city of Nashville, Tennessee. Nashville is the hometown of country music and is experiencing a dramatic resurgence in both new homes being developed and renovations and house flipping masters Kortney and Dave Wilson are leading the charge to change the real estate game.

masters of flip

The Wilson’s two oldest son’s, Sully and Jett started homeschooling with Kortney two years ago. Lately the boys have been enjoying practicing their favorite sport with HockeyShot products between classes and homework! Jett is an avid hockey player who can be seen using HockeyShot training aids throughout digital episodes of Masters of Flip and on his personal social media accounts.

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