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New HockeyShot Training Center Featuring Synthetic Ice Rink


HockeyShot's Performance Lab, is a haven for hockey players. This state-of-the-art facility features HS synthetic ice and our latest training tools developed for players to improve their game. Step inside and discover the story behind HockeyShot headquarters.

HockeyShot's HockeyShot Performance Lab, a state-of-the-art facility located in the Greater Toronto Area at Mississauga Road just north of Highway 401, will be opening its doors to the public April 27th 2018. It is the first HockeyShot training facility of its kind and showcases the company’s famous Synthetic Ice Revolution Tiles.

Founded in New Brunswick 22 years ago, HockeyShot is a company that is truly beginning to widen its operations and the Performance Lab is just the latest example of its tremendous, continuous growth.

Inside the Performance Lab

Featuring a miniature synthetic ice rink that is enclosed by glass and boards similar to that which can be found in an NHL arena, the state-of-the-art facility boasts an incredible suite of amenities for visitors to use.

These impressive features include a high-tech production studio when necessary for recording demos and tutorial videos, various lounging spots where a massive television is never too far away serve as a reminder of what HockeyShot offers, a kitchen area that contains a quartz island capable of wirelessly charging cell phones and, for good measure, a table tennis set-up for when things really get heated, the HockeyShot Performance Lab will inevitably provide an eye-opening experience.

Every detail involved in the creation of the Performance Lab, from the location of the building to the glowing sign that first greets incoming visitors, was chosen to ensure everyone has an enjoyable, memorable time.

Recommended by NHL All-Stars

Elite NHL players such as Tampa Bay's Nikita Kucherov, Aleksander Barkov of the Florida Panthers and San Jose's Brent Burns, all of whom participated in the 2018 All-Star Game, are just a few of the big names that have trained with HockeyShot and endorsed their products.

Then there is Shea Weber of the Montreal Canadiens, who took it a step further one summer by skating on 200 feet of the synthetic ice in an Alberta-based McDonald's commercial that saw the defensemen race a horse.

That he emerged victorious was simply a bonus for himself and the company; a win-win situation that sees Weber get bragging rights over his teammates and HockeyShot receive plaudits aplenty.

Enhanced Strength & Conditioning

Although the tiles are tougher to skate on than real ice, they will ultimately be a benefit for training purposes and long-term player development.

This facitility gives the public a chance to sake on the Synthetic Ice Revolution Tiles before purchasing them.

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analyzing financial "hockey costs"

At an average of $10 per square foot, the synthetic ice may seem pricey when one calculates the overall cost of filling a designated area.

Covering 800 square feet, in addition to a net or the many other training supplements that HockeyShot has available, can result in a grand total of $10,000; but that pales in comparison to the yearly expenditures that arise within organized hockey.

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For anyone who is still unconvinced, HockeyShot’s Performance Lab welcomes the challenge of turning skeptics into believers. Get a 360 degree tour of the facility or book an appointment here >> Contact Us