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Qualified Skating Coach Puts Synthetic Ice to the Test!

Product Reviews

HockeyShot’s Skating Sensei, Jim Vitale, welcomed us into his basement hockey training area to tell us why he chose HockeyShot's Extreme Glide Synthetic Ice for his training needs.

Jim did some research when looking into a few different synthetic ice surfaces on the market, and he told us there was “no doubt in my mind that HockeyShot had the best product on the market.” We agree with Jim, and after trying out the Extreme Glide Synthetic Ice we are sure you will too.

HockeyShot is so sure that our products are superior that we give you 7-10 years of warranty per side on the Synthetic Ice. That means that you can have at least 14-20 years of at home training and play time with these Panels with proper care. That is sure to take a load off your mind in terms of durability, longevity and bang for your buck.

Another reason the Extreme Glide Synthetic Ice are a step above the rest is the self-lubricating polymer. This means that you aren’t spending a lot of time or effort in trying to push and get that natural feel, it comes without any work at all and no need for any waxes or add-on liquids.

The Extreme Glide Synthetic Ice are also super easy to install. They come in 4x8 sheets which are lightweight enough for most people to carry on their own. Our Interlocking Dovetail panels significantly outperform traditional spline and square-edge styles and require no extra tools or equipment. Jim even takes his customization one step further by sawing one tile in half to fill in the extra corners and nooks of his at home basement hockey training setup.

Another great way to maximize your at home hockey training setup is to add some shooting tarps and aids to help get you in the scoring zone. The Crowd Goes Wild Shooting Tarp is one of our favorites to help transform your basement into the stadium of your dreams.

Its every players dream to have an efficient and durable at home training area. With the Extreme Glide Synthetic Ice this dream can be a reality. Perfect for any garage, basement or backyard, these panels are the absolute best way to help make sure your game stays in top shape. Have no doubts that HockeyShot Products are the best on the market with this video from Jim as well as our other testimonials from renowned coaches, players and trainers. When it comes to HockeyShot you are getting the highest quality product and best at home hockey training aids out there. What are you waiting for?