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Adding Power to Your Wrist Shots

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Does it take you too much time to get a shot off? You don’t always have the time to turn your body and get into position for a slap shot.

In many situations, the wrist shot is the most effective shot when you need to move quickly especially if you're close to the goalie. This video demonstrates how to properly take a wrist shot.

Setting up for a Powerful Wrist Shot

Hand position on the stick

Where you position your lower hand on the stick has an impact upon getting the proper amount of power into your shot. Your hand should be half way or three quarters of the way down the stick. If your hand is too high on the stick and too close to your body you won’t get much on the shot at all.

Location of the puck in relation to your body

You want to pull the puck back behind the position of your body to get the most power on the shot. If the puck is forward of or alongside the position of your body you can’t generate the necessary power to make a decent shot.

Position of the puck on the blade of the stick

Where should you position the blade of your stick in relationship to the puck? The best spot is from the heal of the stick to the middle. From the middle out to the blade makes it harder to control the puck and put the shot where you want.

Weight transfer

They key to any shot is effectively using weight transfer of your body. Unlike the slap shot, you won’t be pushing off the back leg and stepping into the shot. Instead you must lean your body into the puck as you get ready to take the shot. If your body is pulling away from the puck as you shoot you won’t get any strength into the shot at all.

Flex the stick

As you are leaning into the puck make sure to flex the stick. The wrist shot does not involve a wind up like the slap shot and therefore all the power must be generated with your body weight and flexing the stick just as you get ready to release the shot.

This is quite a lot to remember, but the video demonstrates all of these tips in a very brief, under two minute clip. Play it over and over again and practice!