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Balance Board Drills to Strengthen Your Game

Agility Training

Strong core muscles are key for any hockey player. Want to make sure yours aren’t neglected? Incorporate balance boards into your training rotation. 

What makes Balance Boards so great? The unstable surface of a balance board helps you improve your balance and posture, all while strengthening your muscles. They can even be used to help aid in rehabilitation or prevent lower back injuries during other aspects of your training!  

Incorporate a balance board by itself, with weights or even include the added challenge of stickhandling to increase the difficulty of your training. Plus, if you go with a lightweight, wood board like our HockeyShot Limited Edition you’ll get ultimate stability in a board that can be easily taken anywhere you want or need to train.  

We’ve put together five drills to add into your training session to challenge yourself and build that overall strength. Ready to  start working on our strength & stability?

1. Balance Board Snap Shots – 8 Reps / 5 Sets
Take your shot to a whole new level by being able to create elite flex while off balance. Start by getting onto the balance board and stabilize yourself. Once comfortable, grab your stick and puck and start firing shots! By performing this drill, the key muscles used during basic shooting will be challenged and forced to work harder. Try out 8 reps (shots) for 5 sets and feel the difference!

2. Stability Passes – 8 Reps / 4 Sets
Never catch a pass off balance. Find your balance for your next move! Similar to the first drill, start by getting on your balance board. Have a passer placed in front of you, either to the left or right side. Grab your stick and start passing and receiving the puck while on the balance board. You can switch the sides of the passer to work on both forehand and backhand passes!

3. Forehand Pulls – 10 Reps / 4 Sets
No more getting knocked off the puck. Create stability with your puck control. Standing on your balance board, start stickhandling the puck in front of you. Change direction and start stickhandling on your right side, back to the front of you, then to your left side. Switching up the direction of your stickhandles forces your body to engage and strengthen its core.

4. Balance Board Push Ups – 8 Reps / 4 Sets
Get functionally strong and develop elite core strength! Place both of your palms down on the balance board where your feet would usually go. Get into a push up position and begin performing push ups while keeping balanced. This is extremely difficult but targets many important muscle groups for athletes. Give this one a go and feel your body centering itself. 

5. Balance Board Squats – 10 Reps / 3 Sets
Develop lower body strength & stability that translates to the ice. Stand on the balance board and begin doing squats. While performing a vertical movement crossed with trying to find balance, your body will learn to strengthen the muscles used for stability. 

These drills are very helpful when building important muscles used by hockey players. Which one was your favourite? Add them at the end of your training sessions and see how much you improve along the way.

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