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Barber’s Favourite Drills with the HockeyShot Reactive Sniper

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A fun and revolutionary training tool that keeps you on your toes; let’s check out what Barber thinks!

At HockeyShot, we’re passionate about elevating hockey players’ skills to new heights.

World renowned skill and stickhandling specialist Pavel Barber shares this mission. From delivering technical content and teaching his hundreds of thousands of followers through social media to leading skills camps across the world - Barber is consistently committed to pushing hockey development to a whole new level.

HockeyShot is innovating hockey training tools. Pavel Barber is innovating hockey development. That’s why we teamed up with Barber to create the ultimate drill series with HockeyShot products.

In this video, Pavel Barber showcase some of his favourite drills with the HockeyShot Reactive Sniper

The HockeyShot Reactive Sniper is designed to improve reaction time and to develop cognitive abilities. This is the ultimate tool to train as if you were playing in a real game. Work on those high-pace moves and keep that head up! With 4-colour options, 5 directional arrow locations and 5 interval speed options, the creation of drills are endless for any skill level. This versatile tool lets you work on game essentials such as stickhandling, shooting, passing and cardio - all in one!

Barber demonstrates how players can use this tool to challenge their passing, receiving and shooting all while keeping your head up. Become one with the puck and use these drills to get comfortable with thinking quicker on your feet!

If you’re wanting to quicken your reaction time, whether it’s shooting, passing or stickhandling, the HockeyShot Reactive Sniper is definitely the way to go.

Learn more about HockeyShot’s Reactive Sniper here! Including 4 colour dots and training stickers, along with it’s own mini tripod, this is the ultimate training tool to quicken your cognitive abilities and reaction time. Take it with you anywhere and get ready to see your skills skyrocket to new heights!