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Coach Jeremy Teaches Us the Scoopy Puck Move!

Skill Drills

The whistle has blown on an offside, and you are the closest player to the puck. You notice the closest referee is favouring his back, and want to do the Zebra a solid by handing him the puck, so he doesn’t have to kneel and scoop.

Remembering that time you learned the Scoopy Puck Move on the website; you skillfully use your stick to pop the puck off the ice, cradle it, and hand it over to the grateful ref.

The crowd erupts with applause, and you take a bow. The cute blonde on the other side of the glass gives you a smile, and presses her number against the glass. She waggles her hand in the “Call Me!” gesture. Sweet!

This might be a little overboard, however with the right amount of practice, you can do the Scoopy Puck move in one of four or five move combinations. Forehand Scoopy Puck Moves include:

Method #1 – The Heel Scoop

Just like it sounds, you will want lean over, positioning your stick with the heel of the blade lying almost parallel across the surface of the puck and apply some downward pressure. With a quick, snappy scooping motion, flip the puck on to the blade, and lift it up to a comfortable height. You can pass that puck to the ref, your coach, one of your adoring fans.

Method #2 – The Toe Scoop

If you want to demonstrate a little more panache, using the toe of the stick blade is another great way to scoop and deliver the puck. The overall technique is the same:

  • Bend over
  • Apply pressure with the toe of the blade
  • Snappy scoop motion of the puck to lift it off the ice
  • Smile and wave

You will notice, if you are practicing The Scoopy Move on the ice, you can go fairly slow, thanks to the slippery surface. Synthetic ice or pavement requires a snappier scoop movement. On the ice, sweep the puck on the slippery surface before scooping for added drama.

Method #3 – The Toe Drag Scoop

Much like number two, the puck starts at the toe of your stick blade. Drag the puck towards you with a force relative to the surface you’re on, and then execute The Scoopy Move per usual. The toe drag often requires quick upward movement to maintain the balance of the puck.

Method #4 – Backhand Scoop

The backhand Scoopy will challenge your mind, body and spirit. Nah…just kidding, I’m sure you’ll be fine, just reverse the move, use the heel of the back of the blade, and scoop catch the puck on the back side of the blade, and lift the puck up before you take a victory lap of the ice.

Actually, don’t do that, you might get a delay of game penalty. Just pass it like a pizza pie and skate to the playoff circle.

Method #5 Backhand Scoop (on the Move)

This move has you sliding the puck to your backhand, heel of blade position. Leveraging the momentum of the puck, scoop and cradle the puck to hold and hand over to your Friendly Neighbourhood Stripy –Man.

Once you have mastered one, or more methods of the Scoopy Puck Move, consider teaching your team mates how to do it! What a great way to intimidate your opponents, by executing synchro Scoopy Moves before the whistle! The Harlem Globetrotters would be green with envy!