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Crossovers Tips

Hockey Tips

Crossovers are a very important part of a hockey player's game. Without proper crossover abilities, turning quickly becomes very difficult.

They are the maneuvers that allow players to accelerate on curves, corners and circles. Remember to be very patient when learning crossovers as they are one of the most difficult skating skill to master.

Proper Technique

  • Make sure to bend your knees (ideal bend is 90 degrees between shin and thigh) and stay low.
  • As you lean into the turn, keep your shoulders still and level to the ice (do not lean your upper body into the circle).
  • Only the lower body parts are aligned and pointing in the direction of the turn.
  • Leaning into a turn, the outside leg crosses over (in front of) the inside leg keeping the skates as low to the ice as possible (within one inch to the ice).
  • Bring the outside leg back in front while remaining balanced and low to the ice.
  • Repeat crossover until you are going in desired direction.

Tips (for both forward and backward crossovers).

  • Hips and skates always face direction of travel.
  • Shoulders remain as level as possible.
  • Always keep your head up and eyes pointing forward.
  • Good strong knee bend and ankle bend are the key to good crossovers.
  • Pushes are outward / inward (not forward / backward).
  • Body weight is always above the outside skate.