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Stickhandling Series - Saucer Pass with Attack Triangle

Skill Drills

This is Drill #18 in the HockeyShot Stickhandling Series. Utilize your Attack Triangle with this fun and challenging drill. Execute the perfect sauce pass by practicing this over and over. View the video and follow the techniques below.

Using the HockeyShot Attack Triangle Pro as a defender, practice your saucer pass over the stick. In order to execute the saucer pass you need to open the face of your blade, start the puck on your heel and sweep it across your blade while rolling your wrist.

For longer saucer passes use a bit of a wrist shot motion. You want the puck to land flat and a few feet in front of your target.

  • Use a sweeping motion, don’t slap the puck
  • Open the face of your blade and start put on heel and finish close to the toe
  • Roll your wrist so that the blade can lift the puck
  • Remember that the puck needs to land flat and a few feet before your partner’s blade
  • Look at target / Give your passer a target
  • Finish your pass with a proper follow through to your target