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Essential Off-Ice Hockey Training Aids - Hockey Passing Aids

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Coaches consistently say that kids need to get better at passing—and that means making great passes and receiving, well, any type of passes. Practicing passing, however, requires either a buddy or some sort of passing aid.

The great thing about using a passing kit is that—maybe unlike your buddy—it’s not always going to put the puck right back on your stick. This gives you a great chance to practice receiving those wild passes that come your way in unpredictable game situations.

The HockeyShot Extreme Passing Kit combines a roll-up shooting pad with the Extreme Passer for rebounding the puck so you can learn from repetition. Work your forehand and backhand, and try different stances, such as passing on one foot or through your legs. As you might guess from the name, the puck slides extremely well on this long, smooth surface, making it ideal for practicing stickhandling and shooting in addition to passing. Given how versatile it is—and how fun it is—the Extreme Passing kit is a must-have. See it in action below.

HockeyShot Extreme Passer Pro

Step up your passing game with HockeyShot’s Extreme Passer Pro. You can use it to work on shuffle passes, bullet crosses and even long leaders thanks to its wider passing slot. And with its new dual sided passing lanes you can now use it with a partner! Every team needs a Extreme Passer Pro!

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HockeyShot Extreme Passer

Don’t wait for a partner to work on your passing game. You can easily set up the HockeyShot Extreme Passer on any shooting pad, dryland tile or synthetic ice surface and do it yourself. It’s the ultimate pass training aid on the market!

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