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Explosive Starts Tips

Hockey Tips

To become a complete skater, you want to be able to explode on the ice from a gliding or stopped position. Many skaters take too much time to gain speed. Hockey is a game of transitions, and you must master the quick start to gain speed quickly from any positions. By following the quick start technique you will gain speed a lot faster. You should also engage in off-ice training and conditioning, as your leg strength is the vital factor in achieving an explosive start.

Proper Technique

  • Bend knees deeply (you will need all your leg muscles to engage in a powerful start).
  • Form the letter ''V'' with both skates with your knees pointing outwards.
  • Spring forward and drive off from the ball of your foot.
  • Fully extend your legs on each stride and fully extend the ankles (a lot of the explosive speed comes from the ankle flexion).
  • Visualize yourself as a sprinter (you should be jumping and landing on your fist 3 to 4 steps).
  • Thrust your body forward and transfer as much body weight as you can to the jumping foot.
  • Focus on having ''quick'' feet as the faster you execute your jumping strides, the faster you will gain speed.


  • Good deep knee bend is vital to a quick start.
  • Engage in off ice training to develop powerful leg muscles (the more powerful your leg muscles, the more explosive you will be on the ice).
  • Do not lean your body too far forward, as you will loose your balance.
  • The ability to get up on your toes is what will get you to explode faster.
  • Keep on practicing and don't get discouraged (improving explosiveness takes time and practice).