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Fun Hockey Game - Sauce Phenom Bundles

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Practicing your saucer pass can be fun and challenging. The new Sauce Phenom Bundles from HockeyShot makes it easy to work on your sauce game. See what makes this product special and why should include it as part of your training tools.

Hockey Sauce

The Sauce Phenom Bundle is a saucy training aid providing single and double combo options. First is a single unit, which includes: (1) Sauce Phenom, (1) Sauce Phenom Launch Pad and (3) Sauce Biscuits. The second option is a double unit, which provides double the fun with (2) Sauce Phenoms, (2) Sauce Phenom Launch Pads and (6) Sauce Biscuits.

The Sauce Phenom Bundle is a high quality product that can played absolutely anywhere. It can be played and enjoyed by hockey players of all ages and skill levels. You can practice your skills by executing the perfect sauce pass into the Sauce Phenom. Be creative!

Become the most popular person at that next backyard BBQ and show off the skills you have perfected by using this fun and innovative training aid. The Sauce Pheom is a sturdy and strong puck catcher and the Sauce Phenom Launch Pad has graphics that replicate a hockey rink surface. Furthermore, you will be able to secure the Sauce Phenom to the Launch Pad with pegs. There is even a more compact kit, the Sauce Phenom Travel Bundle that has an even smaller shooting pad which makes it easy to pick-up-and-go just about anywhere! This game/training product will help step-up your game. Visit to learn more and pick up the Sauce Phenom Bundle today!