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Get Around Defenders with the Toe Drag

Skill Drills

In today's video were going to focus on the development of the toe drag move. As you can see in the video, we are using the to simulate a real player. The important elements of this move are the distance in between the player, and the rolling over of the wrist.

Toe Drag Drill

When it comes to the toe drag, we see a lot of players making the crucial mistake of being too close to the defending player. This allows the defending player to take the body and break up the play. Ideally, the move should be established one or two stick lengths away in order to use your speed to go around the defender. To make this move you need the puck on the forehand side, to roll over your wrist and pull back in close to your feel, catch it and push it on the backhand side. This is a great counter to the aggressive defensemen, who decides to poke check, as you can go right pass him and make a play.

Attack Triangle Pro

The interactive Attack Triangle Pro is designed to challenge players by replicating the positioning of an opponents skates and stick. The Attack Triangle Proforces players to develop puck movement skills.

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