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Hockey Shooting Drills with the Extreme Passer Pro

Product Drills

Do you want to take your shot to the next level? Then grab your HockeyShot Extreme Passer Pro and lets get started! If you are bored of taking regular wrist shots and slap shots then the Extreme Passer Pro will certainly help.

Catch and Release

No this isn't fishing, it's hockey, and in hockey we don't want to hold onto the puck for too long after we receive a pass. In this drill we are working on receiving a pass, setting up for a shot, and shooting all in one motion.

This drill can be done with a full wrist shot, or slapshot when the puck is coming towards the body, or with a snapshot when the puck comes across the body.

  • Catch the puck with the puck cupped so you have better control.
  • Do not stickhandle at all, accept the pass and then shoot.
  • Work on hard and accurate shots on net, with a quick release.

The One-Timer

The great thing about the Extreme Passer Pro is that you can put it anywhere on the ice, or shooting surface. This gives you a lot of flexibility when shooting. Practice putting the Extreme Passer Pro directly in front of you, off to your shooting side, and off to your backhand side. This will allow you to get comfortable taking a one-timer no matter where the pass is coming from.

  • When shooting from a distance roll the blade over more and follow through low to keep the puck low.
  • When in close to the net, drop down on one knee during the shot to get under the puck and shelf it (just like Stamkos).
  • Try to time your shots so you hit the puck when it is lined up roughly with your front foot, this will give you the most balance and control. Once you get better you will be able to release the puck from different areas.


Put the Extreme Passer Pro in front of the net and pass the puck into it. Now quickly snatch up the rebound and try to roof it.

You can work on going quickly to your forehand or backhand. Be creative, but try to be quick, the faster you can get a shot on net after a rebound the better!

Extreme Passer Pro

Step up your passing game with HockeyShot’s Extreme Passer Pro. You can use it to work on shuffle passes, bullet crosses and even long leaders thanks to its wider passing slot. And with its new dual sided passing lanes you can now use it with a partner! Every team needs a Extreme Passer Pro!

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