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HockeyShot Slide Board Guide - Chest Fly

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The Chest Fly is given its name from the flapping motion you’ll feel like you are doing with your arms during the exercise. If you are confident you are prepared to exert both arms with lateral slides, you have come to the right place!

Use the HockeyShot Slide Board Pro for this exercise. Prepare yourself with hands at ear width, arms straight and back and legs, equally straight. Work that core, lock those glutes and prepare yourself for some extreme push-ups. You’ll want to be wearing your hand booties, and you will want to squeeze those shoulders during the entire movement that follows.

As you ease downward, slide your hands east and westward. Don’t forget to inhale as you get closer to the floor.

When you are as low as you are comfortable with, and arms at full eagle spread, begin to slide your hands back towards center, and exhale. If you find your breath blow-back is difficult to take as you work, feel free to pause and brush your teeth. Once they are nice and clean, you will be more careful to keep all 28 of them!

Repeat these chest flies for as long as you can, in a controlled fashion. Don’t try to be a hero the first several times you try chest flies. Do a reps, and recover your energy. Your arms will feel like linguine after the first few sets, but the strength of your shot will improve dramatically on the ice.

Think of how these exercises on the Slide Board Pro will not only impact your hockey prowess, but you will be the King of the Twister board!