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Improve Your One-Timer on the Ice

Skill Drills

Working on your one-timer used to be hard to do unless you had some open ice and a few friends to pass you the puck. Luckily for you there are a few great hockey training aids that will help you master the one-timer all by yourself (but it's always more fun with friends)

Before you get started

Before you start working on your one-timer make sure you already have a pretty good slapshot and snapshot. If you can't take a slapshot hold off on the one-timer training until you are very confident with your slapshot.

How to practice the one-timer at home

The first thing you need before you can start practising is someone (or something) to pass you the puck. Ask a friend or family member to train with you, but if you don't always have a friend to help out you can always pick up a pass rebounder from HockeyShot. The pass rebounders are a lot of fun, you pass the puck to them and they pass it right back, it is a great training aid to help you with your one-timers. I also recommend a smooth surface like a hockey shooting pad, which will give you a nice smooth area to receive the pass.

What you need to work on

Timing – the timing of your shot is very important. You have to start your down swing a little bit before the puck gets to you. If you start too late the puck will go right between your legs and if you start too soon you will swing before the puck gets to you. For a hard pass just take a quick wind-up, but for slower passes you can take your time.

Body position – When practising, have the puck come from in front of your body. This helps you read the pass and get into the right spot to hit it. If the puck comes from behind you, or from your backhand side it will be very hard to hit the puck properly.

You want to have your body in the same position you use for a nice hard slapshot!

What happens when you get a bad pass?

If the pass is only a little bit off just adjust where you are so that the pass will come right into your sweet spot. If the pass is a bit too far in front, take a step forward and then shoot. If you get a really bad pass it is o.k to stop it and then shoot. It is better to control the puck than to get a weak shot off.

What you should practice

  • Slow passes and fast passes
  • Big wind-ups and small wind-ups
  • Moving your body to receive the pass in the sweet spot
  • Slapshots and snapshots
  • Controlling bad passes and then shooting
  • Receiving passes from various different angles

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