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Improve your Scoring Sense - Learn When to Shoot

Hockey Tips

Some hockey players seem to have a knack for scoring, it seems like whenever they shoot they find the back of the net. How do they do that?

Well, it takes a lot of practice and a lot of time around the net before you get that scoring touch but in this video and article I am going to help you get there sooner.

In an average hockey game a good player will get about 4-6 shots on net. That means to get a hatrick you have to score on at least 50% of your shots. Does it seem like you always shoot for the open net but end up hitting the goalie? Does it seem like the goalie is always blocking the entire net? Watch the videos below to learn how to see the net through the eyes of the puck and hone your scoring touch.

Learning When to Shoot

Knowing when to shoot the puck is very important and that is why I developed this simple drill to help you. This drill will train your brain to recognize when you can score, and when it may be difficult to score. You see the problem with the hockey puck is that you move it to your side to shoot it, and when you are close to the net this will create an effect known as the shooters illusion. Watch the video to learn where and when to shoot.

In the Video

  • Use an obstacle to block of portions of the net.
  • Stand so that you can barely see an opening to shoot at, and now look at what the blade of your stick can see.
  • Now shoot and see if you can score, and remember what you can see VS what your stick can see.
  • Repeat this process from many different angles.
  • Remember to move the obstacle closer and further away from the net to create different angle.
  • This drill should help you better recognize when to shoot, and where you should shoot.