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Improving Your Shot Accuracy with the Shooting Pad & EZ Goal with Backstop

Product Drills

The EZGoal is arguably the best net that is available at it's price point. What I really like about the net is that it is unique from other nets you find in the stores.

The EZGoal can fold for easy storage and comes with four mesh targets. In today's we share a number of drills that you can do to help improve your accuracy at home.

Drills to improve accuracy:

Around the world

See how many shots it takes you to hit all 4 targets.

Around the world Perfection

Go 4 for 4, if you miss a target you have to start over until you hit four targets with four shots.

Around the world Multiples

Try hitting all 4 targets multiple times ( either hit one target 5 times and then shoot for the next one, or hit each target in order 5 times).

Time Trial

See how long it takes for you to hit all four targets, try to beat your best time.

Rocket Drill

Fire the pucks as hard as you can while still trying to hit the targets.

EZ Goal Foldable Net

EZ Goal Foldable Net is a 4’x6’ regulation size heavy-duty 2 in. steel regulation goal with UV-protected netting and a professional top shelf has a patented rock-solid folding system that folds flat for easy storage in minutes.

Visit the EZ Goal Foldable Net page

HockeyShot Shooting Pads

Perfect for anyone who wants to improve their on-ice game at home, the HockeyShot Shooting Pad makes an excellent indoor and outdoor trainer. It simulates the smooth, slick feeling of the rink so you can work on passing, stickhandling and shooting.

Visit the HockeyShot Shooting Pad page

Black Standard 6 oz. Pucks

Standard 6 oz black hockey pucks, official size and weight. Manufactured by In Glas Co, an official supplier of the NHL.

Visit the Standard Hockey Puck page