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Improving Your Toe Drags with the All-Star Dryland Flooring Tiles!

Product Drills

The toe drag is a very important stickhandling skill that will help you become a better hockey player. Use the toe drag to dangle around defensemen, or to pull the goalie out of position to open up the 5-hole.

Another great advantage to the toe drag is to use it to deke out the opposition or the goalie. There are a number of situations where a quick toe drag can be the best (and prettiest) way to get around the defense. Sometimes the defensemen thinks you have no room to move the puck, but by using the toe of the stick to pull the puck backwards you give yourself more room move the puck. Then you can move it over and up and blow past the D (and look awesome!)

If you want to practice your Toe Drags at home, you need a good off-ice surface like HockeyShot's All-Star Dryland Flooring Tiles, and a good stickhandling puck that simulates ice, like the FlyPuck or Green Biscuit. These tools are going to allow you to maximize your stickhandling skills and create an ice like environment in your basement, garage or driveway. There are also a few stickhandling specific products that will help you work on your toe drags like the Attack Triangle & the Sweethands. The following video shows you great drills you can do to improve your toe drags.

3 Types of Toe Drags featured in the video:

  1. Front to back toe drag
  2. Side toe drag
  3. Back toe drag

HockeyShot All-Star Dryland Flooring Tiles

Any unused space can become a training zone with HockeyShot All-Star Dryland Flooring Tiles. These snap-together 18” by 18” tiles simulate the slickness and smoothness of the ice, and are sold individually so you only have to order what you need.

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