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In-Tight Scoring: Receiving Passes Behind the Net & Scoring Off the Side

Skill Drills

Welcome to the In-Tight Scoring Series with legendary Skills Coach Pete Lenes, a.k.a. Swaggy P! This series is specifically designed to teach players how to take advantage of opportunities down low and in-tight so that they can score more goals!

At HockeyShot, we’re passionate about elevating hockey players’ skills to new heights. That’s why we set out to create the ultimate guide for players to score more goals with elite level instruction and drills from Coach Pete!

As a former D1 player turned 10-year pro, Pete Lenes is passionate about pushing player development to the next level. As the co-owner of Elev802 in Vermont, Pete works with elite players on refining their skills, creating more offensive opportunities, and becoming elite goal scorers.  Swaggy P not only constantly pushes the limits of his local players, but also himself, quickly becoming one of the hockey community’s most followed coaches for his blend of high quality instruction, mind-blowing stick skills, and puck control. 

And now, he’s here to teach you!

Coach Pete shows us a few of his favourite drills to develop confidence in-tight and unlock the skill to consistently put the puck in the net!

In this video, Swaggy P shows us four variations of a drill to help players receive passes from behind the net and score from the side of the net. Check it out!

For this lesson, Swaggy P focuses on the importance of stickwork, specifically backhand passes, and soft touches when handling the puck.

This drill has four variations, each getting more complex.

  1. Start off by standing and facing one side of the net. Backhand pass behind the net to a rebounder and catch it on your backhand. Pull it out front to your forehand and jam it upstairs.
  2. The next version adds more stickhandling. When receiving the pass onto your backhand, stickhandle once or twice to your forehand and then shoot it up top.
  3. The third version, you will be facing the boards with your feet behind the goal line the entire time. Stand beside the net and continue with the backhand pass to the rebounder and catch it. Once you have it, put it through your legs and fire it upstairs.
  4. To make it even more complex, the last version gets super fancy. We’re going to go around both legs on your backhand and toss the puck upstairs on your forehand behind your back.  

Start off with the first variation and build your way up to the fourth! These soft touch drills are perfect for becoming quick with the puck. Get those soft touches going and strengthen your wrist work to improve your skills behind the net and start scoring from the goal line! 

Get out there and get training!