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Passing - Off-Ice Skills Series

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Passing is a fundamental skill in the game of hockey. Some of the most successful hockey players in the world are masters when it comes to making and receiving a pass.

After reading this article, you will have the basics on what it takes to become a true playmaker and fill that stat sheet.

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One of the first things you will be taught as a young hockey player is to cup and cushion the puck. For any of you who have ever watched the movie The Mighty Ducks, Coach Bombay got his team to practice passing eggs to one another. It may seem silly, but Coach Bombay was enforcing the principle of cup and cushion.

When it comes to passing, it’s important to treat the puck as if it was an egg, because if you do not cup and cushion the pass, the puck will likely bounce off your stick, resulting in you losing possession of the puck. To better understand the concept of cup and cushion, consider the following. Cupping refers to a hockey player closing the blade of the stick, preventing the puck from bouncing off the face of the blade. While Cushion refers to a hockey player’s stick meeting the puck, then embracing it upon impact. Keep in mind, by shifting your weight upon impact from front to back, this will likely increase your chance of receiving the pass.

Those are the fundamentals of receiving the puck. Now, we will take a look on how to make a solid, crisp hockey pass. Like shooting, passing requires you to envision the target and to lead your stick in the direction you want your pass to go. One of the most important things to remember is to lead with the tip of your blade and to keep your stick low. To be a complete hockey player and a true playmaker, it’s crucial to practice passing on both the forehand and backhand. Keep in mind, passing on the backhand still uses the principle of cup and cushion. However, when making a pass it’s important to remember to keep the puck close to the heel. The natural curve of the blade will force the puck up and off the blade.

After considering these passing techniques, it’s time to practice and perfect your skills. Consider HockeyShot’s Passing Kits and Sauce Kits, which includes a small-to-large surfaces/ clamp-on puck rebounders and mini nets.