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Performing Power Turns Properly

Skill Drills

As is the case with many skills, it's important for hockey players to be able to perform power turns properly if they hope to achieve their fullest potential.

Power turns are used in games for situations which require quick transitional skating, such as getting away from an attacker, or getting back fast after your team turns the puck over.

There are many components that go into performing any skill properly, but I like to break skills down into 3 Key Points to start, then fine tune the details later on. Here are the 3 Key Points for performing a power turn properly:

  1. Deep Knee Bend
  2. Get Wide - Legs Open Front to Back (like scissors)
  3. Tuck the Puck

As you're going through power turn drills with your players, watch for these three points. Also make sure they're exploding out of the turns, and that they aren't dragging their inside foot: two common mistakes with youngsters.