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Practice Stickhandling with the Yo-Yo Drill

Skill Drills

A simple but useful drill to help improve your stick handling skills is the yo-yo drill. It doesn't take much space and yet helps you train on an important skill: protecting the puck.

Being able to maneuver the puck around your body while skating through traffic provides you with an edge over the competition.

This drill extends the hand slide drill by incorporating a push-pull move using the toe and heel of your stick blade. Start with your hands placed wide apart on your stick, which is positioned close to your body. Then simply push your training ball forward with the heel of the stick blade. As you reach out in front of your body, slide your hands together and rotate your stick so you can stop the ball with the toe of the stick blade. Now pull the ball back, sliding your hands apart again and rotating your stick back to its starting position tight to your body.

The same basic process is then repeated out to the forehand side of your body rather than straight out in front of you. Push the ball out and pull it back. Continue to alternate push-pull movements in front of your body and to the side of your body. That's the yo-yo drill.

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