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Shooting Drills with the Roll-Up Pad & PowerSlide Board Combo

Product Drills

Last week we showed you some drills that you can do to improve your stickhandling while using a slideboard and shooting pad. This week we have some shooting drills to practice. The slideboard helps add some motion into your off ice training.

Benefits of the Slide Board:

  • Adds motion to your shooting and stickhandling
  • Incorporates your legs and weight transfer into your shooting
  • Helps you practice some moves off the ice that you wouldn't normally be able to practice (like sliding to one side and shooting, or side stepping a player during a deke
  • Lots of fun to use

Extreme Goal & 2D Backstop

Extreme Goal & 2D Backstop helps protect doors, windows and your garage. This is a 4' x 6' regulation-size net with a 78" tall by 26" wide by 11" deep backstop that protects whatever’s behind it from scuffing or worse. EZ goal backstop rebounder is a great tool to improve your accuracy, shot and your consistency.

Visit the Extreme Goal & 2D Backstop page

Roll-Up Shooting pad

The HockeyShot Roll-Up Shooting Pad is the largest Shooting pad on the market today. It’s a great surface to practice off-ice shooting, passing and stickhandling. The roll-up feature makes it very easy for storage or to travel with. This Shooting pad can be used to simulate game situations and make a real difference in your game.

Visit the Roll-Up Shooting Pad page

Black Standard 6 oz. Pucks

Standard 6 oz. black hockey pucks, official size and weight. Manufactured by In Glas Co, an official supplier of the NHL.

Visit the Standard Hockey Puck page

Green Biscuit

The Green Biscuit is an off-ice training hockey puck that will help you and your team develop passing and stickhandling skills that will blow your competition away. Try it and you will agree.

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