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Working on Bad Angle Shots - Skills Series

Skill Drills

Coach Jeremy is back with another Skills Session! This is another off-season sniping drill for sharp angle shots where players can improve on speed and accuracy.

Players like Phil Kessel don’t just wake up and snipe from impossible angles in game-time situations. They practice those situations constantly because they know that the only way to get those past the goaltender is by visualizing those open spaces at high tempo. There is no better way to do this than situational drills like this one.

Jeremy provides a tweak in this bad angle shooting drill that will save the shooter from moving constantly and let’s them see realistic game-time angles that are challenging. He also shows two key sniper tips to improve on that will add much more accuracy to your shot. Like Jeremy explains, players will quickly understand that the center area of the slot is often protected so the shooters must improvise. Tight-angled shots are something players have to get used to if they want to see the puck in the back of the net more often than seeing it rimmed around the boards and out the zone. Here, Jeremy explains how this drill works and why it will help your accuracy.

In the video, Jeremy (who shoots right) shows how tight-angle shots are possible with practice and if you want to pad your goal tally, tough angle shots are a must. From the left side, Jeremy starts with the right top corner, which is natural as he shoots right.

Start with what you’re comfortable with, and then move on to more challenging angles (like the left corner for a right-handed shooter) afterwards. When Jeremy moves to the right side, it gets tougher for him because of his right hand shot. One easy tip that helps with the flow and accuracy of the shot is to toe the puck (control with the toe of your stick) and squaring your blade before the release. Dragging it closer to you adds accuracy and allows you to look at the target before the quick release. Jeremy also tweaked his speed of his release on the second round to add more speed to his shot. Putting more speed on the squared-release shot will add that much more accuracy to where you’re aiming. On your strong side tough-angled shots are more difficult so try this tip out!

Jeremy ends the video by explaining the importance of drill equipment. Unless you own a hockey rink, players are often at the mercy of paved driveways and garage doors, which usually doesn’t end well with the parents. Jeremy loves HockeyShot’s Products because they are in line with what coaches need for training - simple, adjustable, and high quality. If you’re looking for long lasting and innovative hockey accessories, then have a look at for products that are guaranteed to give you the edge in off and on ice training!