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Collection: Goaltending Accessories

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As a goalie, you are your team’s last line of defense. Elevate your game to reach higher levels.

HockeyShot offers a selection of goalie training accessories in the US, including our popular Slide Board Pro for goalies.

We carry accessories for our top selling goaltender training aids to help goalies develop and fine-tune their skills off the ice. Customize your training with our accessories to improve your agility, lateral quickness, puck control, hand-eye coordination, and overall strength.

Train like the pros and start saving goals with our premium goalie accessories.


HockeyShot is your source for goaltending aids and accessories in the US. Reap the benefits when you customize your goaltending training with our accessories for goalies.

  • Available for different ages and skill levels
  • Customize your goalie training aids
  • Improve your agility and reaction time
  • Train solo or as a team
  • Practice deflecting pucks
  • For inline and floor hockey


Goalie Reaction Balls: Reaction balls are an ideal training aid for goalies as they help improve hand-eye coordination, speed, agility, and reaction time for saving goals.

Crease markers: Our crease markers make a perfect crease on the ice every time.

Sleeves: HockeyShot’s sleeves for goaltending training are designed to simulate on-ice movements.