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Balance Board

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The best players in the world will tell you that their hockey-specific skills pale in comparison to the commitment they make to their body. Core strength is so important which is why we recommend all hockey players own a balance board. The HockeyShot Balance Board is an incredible tool to help make stickhandling drills more challenging. Just a few minutes a day on a balance board can do wonders for you on the ice. You'll shoot harder, move faster and stay upright more often!

NOTE: We strongly recommend this board be used on a soft surface; like carpet or yoga mat to help prevent injuries. DO NOT use this balance board directly on top of HockeyShot Tiles or cement as it is slippery.


Improves Skating
Improves Strength & Conditioning

Product Features

  • A great training tool to work in combination with stickhandling training drills.
  • Tighten core and strengthen legs.
  • Build back health.
  • Improve on-ice balance.
  • Easy to store and lightweight.
  • A great starter level balance board trainer.
  • Board measures 15.5" in diameter.

Additional Details

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