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Edge Slide Board Foam

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Regular price $7.99 USD


The Edge Slide Board Foam is part of the package that makes up the Extreme Slide Board. This foam is applied to the inside of the Puckstopper edging to protect your feet while you push off. You can create your own Extreme Slide Board if you already have some of the components such as All-Star Dryland Tiles and Puckstopper Edging. Add the Edge Slide Board foam and the Extreme Flooring Stoppers to complete it. The Extreme Slide Board can be modified to be any size that you want, so if you hope to expand the size of your slide board, you will likely need some additional Edge Slide Board foam.


Improves Skating
Improves Strength & Conditioning

Product Features

  • Combine with All-Star Dryland Tiles, Puckstopper Edging, Extreme Flooring Stopper, and Slide Board Booties to build your own Extreme Slide Board
  • Cushions feet while pushing on slide board edging
  • Long lasting memory foam rebounds into place after each push

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