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Let's face it, ice time is expensive and hard to get. Players need an engaging way to develop their puck handling skills while away from the ice at home.


  • Regulation weight & size feels just like a real hockey puck, so you are developing critical puck handling skills without paying for extra ice time.
  • Its patented sensing technology is integrated with SuperDeker's¬†subsurface¬†sensors so you can:
    • develop precise puck placement skills since the sensors¬†are triggered only if the ePuck passes directly over, or very near, the SuperDeker board sensors
    • track your improved puck handling¬†skills over time. Every time the ePuck passes over a sensor on the board, the integrated scoreboard adds a point to your score.¬†With routine practice, you will see your scores consistently improve. Try downloading our 21-day training program here and track your own performance over time.¬†
  • The ePuck is the only puck that works with the SuperDeker advance stickhandling system, helping you work on your puck handling skills with your SuperDeker at home training aid.


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