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Extreme Flooring Stopper (14/pack)

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The Extreme Flooring Stoppers are an affordable solution to help solve potential issues of your tiles sliding while being used. 14 of these stoppers can be applied to each tile. While a rubber underlay is the best base for your tiles, these stoppers are the most convenient solution if you are planning on moving/transporting your tiles often since the rubber stoppers will remain installed, even when you pick up the tiles. These are part of the package that makes up the Extreme Slide Board and should be used if you wish to expand the size of your Slide Board, but they can be used for all other tile activities! The Flooring Stoppers should be installed 90 degrees perpendicular to the direction of movement when used for a slide board or Performance Passing Kit. However, for goalie creases and other skating surfaces, alternate the directions of the stoppers to ensure it prevents sliding in all directions.

Despite installing the rubber stoppers, it may still be possible for the tiles to move slightly. Note that on some surfaces, this may cause the rubber stoppers to leave some marks. Rubber marks can usually be cleaned quite easily.


Improves Skating

Product Features

  • Applied to the underside of tiles to help keep them in place, even on slick surface
  • Combine with All-Star Dryland Tiles, Puckstopper Edging, Edge Slide Board Foam, and Slide Board Booties to build your own Extreme Slide Board
  • Great for smaller surfaces that are transported often such as slide boards, goalie training creases/areas, Performance Passing Kits, etc.
  • Made of Rubber
  • 14 Flooring Stoppers per bag. Each tile has room to apply 14 Flooring Stoppers

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