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Extreme Stickhandling Ball

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Any coach will tell you that puck control practice with a ball is the fastest way to improve your stickhandling technique, speed up your wrists and work on your nifty moves. The HockeyShot Extreme Stickhandling Ball is just a bit lighter than a hockey puck (4.1 oz. vs. 6 oz.) so it moves faster for quick back-and-forth exercises, but it's heavy enough to still give you a puck-on-the-stick sensation. The 2-inch diameter fits perfectly on the blade of your stick.


Improves Stickhandling
Improves Passing

Product Features

  • Great for basic and complex stickhandling drills.
  • Made from high-impact resistant nylon that won't break.
  • Weighs 4.1 oz, making it slightly lighter than a regular puck.
  • Works on any surface, including asphalt.
  • 2-inch diameter.

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